Did you know optometrists can do more besides prescribe glasses?


Optometrists are primary care providers for the eye. 

That means you can visit them for any eye health or vision problems you have! Click here to learn more about optometry and eye care

Optometrists examine the health of your eyes during eye exams.

Many diseases arise without noticeable symptoms. It is important to have your eyes checked regularly every year to prevent vision loss.

Optometrists can treat symptoms as simple as eye allergies, or as complicated as eye infections

We have prescribing authority (varying by location) to treat many vision-threatening eye diseases. More information can be found here.

Optometrists can help reduce the burden on healthcare costs in Canada.

Having regular eye exams can prevent advanced forms of blindness that would cost more money to treat. Early prevention can help the government save millions in direct healthcare costs. Learn more here.

Beware of online eye exams!

These tests cannot replace a comprehensive eye exam. They only assess your vision to determine your glasses prescription without examining your eye health. 


Buying glasses online can seem really simple and convenient.

Make sure you visit an optometrist to get an updated prescription and eye exam if you do. But, if you don't want to look silly, its just easier to get glasses from an optical. They'll tailor your eyewear specifically for you!


You have a team of eye care professionals to help you.

Your optician, optometrist, and ophthalmologist all work together to provide you the best care possible. Click here to learn more.

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